The Leaders’ Academy is an advanced Forum for leaders who are on the forefront of shifting trends and paradigms.  If you are a leader, this is an ideal Forum to, learn, contribute and to ensure you are up to date with the worlds best.  Members get together three times a year for 4-1/2 days, to work, study and learn the latest leadership research, and technology available in the world today.

The Leaders Academy is also for individuals who are inspired to share the principles of Lifeforce and the Optima Zones technology with people in a way that creates a new possibility for living in the Goldzone in all areas of life, career and business…  Opportunities are available for Seminar Leaders, Speakers, Coaches and Consultants.

If you are a leader or aspiring leader and you have been searching for an International group of like-minded leaders with which to collaborate, share, learn, brainstorm, mastermind, support and to be supported… then Goldzone Leaders is for you.