Leadership Crisis

Leadership Crisis

We are in the midst of a crisis of leadership, where old rules no longer apply. To succeed in the disruptive, technology, and experience-driven economies of the future require a new set of leadership skills.

In case you aren’t paying attention, a massive change is happening, and it affects us all. Borders are being made irrelevant by a global revolution that is changing the way we live, work and play.


Entire industries are disappearing—causing the displacement of millions of people. At the same time, new opportunities that didn’t exist just a few years ago are creating businesses, jobs, and careers for people who have the skills and the foresight to prepare themselves.

Fortunes are being made and lost overnight.

Those who do not prepare now won’t have the knowledge, skills or capability to compete and will find themselves unemployed, driven out of business, or unwanted. Like yesterday’s movie star who has lost their edge, and can’t find work, leaders without an edge will struggle to lead anyone and will no longer be relevant.

Most of us are familiar with Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, and Tesla.

These are only the tip of the iceberg, representing the vanguard of a new wave of businesses that are transforming reality as we know it.

I have spent much of the past 30 years traveling to more than 54 countries, visiting over 500 cities and meeting with thousands of leaders and high-performance individuals from all walks of life.

Not only is the pace of change accelerating, but we have hit a tipping point caused by three powerful forces converging:


Social change, combined with technology, and higher living standards have led to a disruption of the old ways of doing things. We are now in the age of experience, which requires a new approach to business, education, and leadership. The old rules no longer work. Whatever it took to become successful in the past, is no longer sufficient to remain successful now, or in the future.

This transition from old to new has ignited a crisis of leadership.

People everywhere have lost confidence in their leaders to serve them and to champion common community interests.


Forward-thinking leaders and ambitious individuals, who are willing to evaluate, let go and adopt New Leadership Rules will succeed and dominate the unprecedented opportunities that are right in front of us.

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